Free Association Issue 2

   Issue#2: January - March 2003


What would you like to see less of in contemporary poetic practice?

"Hindi pa rin nawawala yung abstraction sa maraming tula, yung parang pinuputol-putol lang yung mga linya - nag free-verse pero hindi dumaan sa disiplina ng structure (parang hindi na nila inintindi at all) at yung disiplina ng pag-gamit ng image, pag-gamit ng mga resources ng linguahe na ginagamit natin - rhyme, o meter. Yung walang pagtatangkang pag-aralan man lang yung mga traditional resources ng poetry."

"Less of the I, less of the I persona, although I can't really adhere to that much because I understand that it depends on the phase of the poet, that most of the early poems are of course always situated within the autobiographical framework of experience, emotion, range of intellect, range of influence, your own allusions, even the impresionistic poems - seascape, sunset - you always think of it as revolving around yourself eh. Egocentrical. Well, I'm speaking for my own intended evolution where I'd like to see myself increasingly departing from the I-persona and assume the voices of other personae, or impose voices on personae that are very different from me. That's why I have poems where the point of view is the woman. Or I'd like to work on a full volume where all the supposed heinous practices and acts can not exactly be rationalized, but to present that point of view from the other side. It's interesting to me, it's a literary exercise, it's something one has not done, flexing muscles to a new direction. After a while, nakakasawa eh, yung I I I. It would be healthy for everyone to shut off the I once in a while and explore another voice."

"Wala. Walang dapat na mabawas na klase ng panulaan kasi expression yan. Hindi tayo para gumawa ng wishlist eh. I think it's tantamount to saying na hindi ka na dapat nagsusulat with that. Ang importante ay lahat mag-express. Ang pagkawala ng isang anyo ng poetry ay hindi dependent sa gusto ng autor eh, kundi yung readers. Kung yung readers, i-re-reject niya yan, natural na mamamatay lang yan. But then kung halimbawa, the reader accepts that poetry, kung may acceptance yan, it will survive, ganun kasimple. Why have a wish to obliterate something na expression ng isang tao? Lahat ng tao may karapatan na magsabi, in whatever way, karapatan nya yun, pero kung may acceptance yun, that's another question."