Poetry Issue 11

   Issue # 11: January-June 2009

Adam David

Introduction to Crows and Rages

      Crows and Rages is a series of erasures from Crowns and Oranges, an anthology of poems written in English by young Filipino poets. The book was published by monolithic mercenary capitalist “literary” force Anvil Publishing mid 2009.

      “I reject the idea of the muse because I am not as interested in inspiration as I am in the riddle of making something. A poem is for me much more of an invitation to find form. Once the words are on the page, I have a conversation with them: “How can I help you become a poem?”" - Ann Lauterbach

      The complete Crows and Rages - all 157 poems - is available as a PDF download in the author's blog, and is also currently looking for a willing entrepreneuring publisher for a hardcopy remix. It might be you.

               Read selections from Crows and Rages