Poetry Issue 12:3

   Issue # 12:3 : January-June 2010

Melissa Basmayor

The Facts of the Case

      Their bodies sowed—like roses—like so much beauty—we couldn’t stand—or stand next to—how much of it is true—whether he—or she—was there—wherever a verb—revolves into thought—convoyed—a line you can follow—then dispose—I suppose—I came to see my—and her—to her face—more open than ever—wherefore—in court—how true—the sweet odor of rust—hands without cuffs—the punctuation rain is—weighing them down—a way for the earth—to breathe through them—for once and again—an end of something—to something a sum—their bodies will not add up to—not ever—and six months later—it’s six months later