Poetry Issue 12:3

   Issue # 12:3 : January-June 2010

Francisco Guevara

Habeas Corpus

      With what the new Adam accrued,
      or what the flesh severed in

      your December—often a swelling

      to refrains, your fine battery: paled
      palms & knees on the gravel while

      the barrel of a gun rendered & did it

      itself. To have been infected with
      fluorescence/ he was trembling/ into

      a yawn, a suite you circle on Adam’s

      bloodied sheets. His raised, stiffened
      fist crumpled this corner for what he

      He missed and what Adam’s missing
      built from ripples; once initialed, nay,

      exhaled; a leash to tender his rasp/
      muffled from a cradle prior to the gallop