Poetry Issue 14

   Issue # 14 : January - June 2011

Raymond John de Borja

from By Looking for You in the Dictionary

    Roof first               We took the day

    Apart       From what there is

    A note tacked       To a 19th century

    Cloud we owe it rain

    Says by 2pm keep the doors
    Dismantle the view
    On cue say life-
    Like you mean it

    It is good to find normal afternoons
    At your doorstep someone

    Once heard ongoing

    The natural world
    Her knocking cohered

    Light burns          Shadows into      Buildings

    Permanently daze              A fusuma

    Parts a woman

    By her white

    Face        A day

    Becomes a genre

    Point-source sun

    The day as contextual detail

    The diarist leafs through

    Day one

    Where they do not know us