Poetry Issue 14

   Issue # 14 : January - June 2011

Jenn Morea

from Correspondences

    A place as it once was—

    a map to imagine

    the water's unseen edge

    Field of folded stars

    pale blue-green     record     of days

    a flower      or light passing

    through a layered        hour is found

                                       First site: white beads scattered
                                       Second site: scattered beads white
    a possible
                                       Third site: beads white scattered
    if, then—
                                       Fourth site: beads scattered white


                        this is home for now
                        this room this road
                        where no one we know

                        travels towards us
                        this letter the sound
                        of this wind the flower’s

                        names the bird my eye
                        followed sweet wild
                        where we long to go