Poetry Issue 8

   Issue # 8: July - December 2007

Joshua Clover

“Of the city of the darků”

      The desire to have been inside it will one day set us in motion
      Elsewhere—the ever-nearer. Was this the fizzy presabsence
      So famous one summer between steam and the panoramas?

      Somehow we became friends with the mayors and managers
      Of the necropolis of symbols once seen only at a distance
      Across water. He lived there on intimate terms with an iguana.

      Something can no longer be read in the latest billboards
      And the facades along the canal have been sheathed in mirrors.
      The neighborhood which is a continent and every room a cathedral

      Must be every neighborhood. A certain amount of monumentality
      With one’s coffee will not overturn the hay-cart of everyday life
      And must be abandoned yet again if we would like to be captive

      To experimental forms of the game. We the delandscaped.
      We who have showed fine and lyrical deference toward any of this.
      All this drawing near. All these boat-shaped cities Louis-Georges

      All these railings made of iron sentences ending. All these
      New guidebooks with their colors indexed to tell us how to feel
      When we get there. All this time with its greener-than-thou.