Poetry Issue 8

   Issue # 8: July - December 2007

David Lau

Protest in Philippines

      He is for a long time bleating the embassy collection:
      (water resistant cot,
      a resurgent stretch of storefronts to dive into,
      compadre, con legno, funding the new permits, pleasing
      room, murderous rain.

      Near-spring night, stars on flat blackboards, essay estate
      questions passed person to person.
      The lottery window
      I turn red past,
      hyacinth-lanced dawn.

      In green tree talk
      the transcriber dons a dark robe, a mirror.

      The notebook discovered
      the parting sun, magnificent trough, blind
      hair on a head
      of state, streak-woods
      in the winding road atlas—stranded shore.

      Pose in flight
      covered by weeds, claw hair-rocks.
      Pullulation. Push-up. Push-up.
      Pestilentia reeds announce—trebly isolated, a closed trio,
      the trinity trick-fucked—in a.