Poetry Issue 8

   Issue # 8: July - December 2007

David Lau

Extra Strength Resistant Resistance

      Fugue: torn clothes
      man horizontal the oxcart
      at the edged, mud-rocky field,
      they tape parking lights
      in the lippy defile

      —to the shrapnel gardening goat child.
      Revolt, the last gnomic moment,
      stung clamor dirtier,
                                   all helping,
      people just having jobs,
      instabstantial—martyrdom’s fusion
      of trysts—who had cars even?
      Single, seeks weapons of mass destruction,
      walks on the beach.
                                  The wooziest jealousy
      somehow committed
      omnivorous in it: didn’t
      sex coruscatingly:
      tongued in hospital
      to inimical fruits
      against her gazelle.