Poetry Issue 9

   Issue # 9: January-June 2008

Eva Hooker

from Notes for Survival in the Wilderness

                                   As then every cold air is not a damp, every shivering,
                                   not a stupefaction; every fear is not a fearfulness,
                                   every declining, not a running away; every wish
                                   that it were not thus, is not—

                                                                                John Donne

      1. If You Are Lost

      Sketch in visible
      topographical features.

      Mark your present location. Do not run.

      A raised bank of snow along the sunward side of a rock will
      cast a shadow.

      Marker for where you are—dull brown thing spilled like the hermit
      thrush spills its song,

      call note a low
      tuck, habitat

      coniferous and mixed. And then,
      what happens is. Or even, of—

      no matter.