Poetry Issue 20


Franz Joel Libo-on

There are other things happening

The jar slipped from my hand as I smelled the coffee.
Then when my sister said she saw a running turtle
I only asked “where?” I didn’t know why
I was late for work that day
and why they didn’t even reprimand me.
All I remembered was thinking of buying a can opener,
I even nodded my head and said “buy a can opener”
to myself then turned around to see if someone saw me
and smiled at what I did,
just like what the old lady beside me did.
But at the end of the day I didn’t even
get to buy one. Earlier I was watching a movie
with a guy running in a dark passageway.
What’s funny was that
I found it funny that after he ran,
he entered an elevator
and smashed some guy’s skull
until the elevator walls were splattered with blood.
I asked myself if I could do that
but I don’t know if that’s even the reason why I’m laughing at it.
It was like that time when I asked my mom
if she tends to forget things right away
because I wanted to tell the story
of how one day me and my brother
got shooed away from her friend’s house
after singing Christmas carols.
I cringe whenever I remember I was thinking
we would get a 20 peso bill from them because they knew us.
I can’t seem to get that off my mind.
Our neighbor’s knocking on the door now
but since I usually see him inside his house
I didn’t open the door.
He knocked 11 times before stopping.