interview Issue 5

   Issue#5: July - December 2005

Jose Perez Beduya


      Gesture towards
      A predicate. An arc

      Completes itself
      In water but water

      Never remembers. This is
      Charming because self-

      Contained even -inflicted.
      Kuoros, through time,

      An outstretched
      Armless. Please don’t

      Stroke the powdery
      Stump. Or if I try will I reach

      Deep enough with my phantom.
      Always this sense of

      Falling away. As shadows
      Crowd the tattered screen

      Playing at the edge of the universe.
      As through an opening

      One leaves one
      Behind, still straining

      Towards an invisible ear-
      Shaped object. If you’ve come

      This far you’ve already turned
      Back. The suspended

      Fields. Wall as an eyelid.
      Everything you’ve ever

      Lost and still
      Want will wait you out.