Poetry Issue 1

   Issue#1: Oct. - Dec. 2002

Kristine Domingo

Juan's Errand of Carrying

      What makes the frying pan apart
      from heavy things?
      To someone conceived of the fever
      of novena and heated offering-learn to read
      which burdens are dragged.

      Certain is there like birthright, a sense
      written-as common
      birds, burns of science are-
      of how different the freest
      of shapes are carried correctly.

      By index by instinct, the eye first
      before any lifting, sacrificing must find
      the answers to her scalding riddle:
      you handle life's endless
      figures, hands clasped.

      The first response is: to bind
      -as in a native sweet-
      roundness means to imagine
      with a cord, four corners that in securing,
      warm home and prayer.

      A frying pan, handled, of course
      is familiar in its cycle of being
      a medium-
      like the sign of the cross-and need
      not for its name to be listed.