Poetry Issue 1

   Issue#1: Oct. - Dec. 2002

Alex Gregorio


      Because you need to be gorgeous
      you took this and took these.

      Because the wet lips of some
      shone moistly than most
      you grabbed more
      before even the rats could peek.

      Gorgeous was three boys
      staring at once into each others' eyes
      but this was relief
      so you touched more.

      Hairy a man pressed onto you one
      and it became an eerie delight.

      You ran to your house
      which was suddenly dark with rooms
      to relish and hide where.

      You stuffed all in your mouth
      as a father quickly appeared in your door.

      You stole more and hid some and dropped one
      until an expert called it
      the wee of disease.

      Only the lord saw what you swallowed.
      It was gorgeous.