Poetry Issue 2

   Issue#2: Jan - Mar 2003

Marc Gaba

Notes on Logos

          And lastly

        Flayed then surviving to spell their desire
        on the floor without flesh

          there are

        as bone thereafter were they. Once.

        The lovers discovered. The cold--

          such unexpected conflicts as conflicts between

        They crossed the sea You parted
        and starved of Your presence ending with laws

          an object

        Glaucon / Postumius Terentianus: Equal

        now to the words you have become, how
        did it feel then:

          and its dimension

        each detachable yes detaching
        on cue, each one ahead of you: following: all

          and conflicts between

        things being takenContextapart: how

          an event and

        did it feel then: once you've heard the asylum

          its duration.

        ticking with no: did it then feel too: like no?