Poetry Issue 2

   Issue#2: Jan - Mar 2003

Marc Gaba


      Such ropes we've held we'll live to see things happen,

        faces ably spied, daylight across

      the gardens that are there, complete sentences and tricks

        of mirrors and forgetting all but those that proved them so,

      the day the sparrows fell one by one and not for us we mourned

        each meaning lost, the failure

      to produce the O sound, the failure to apostrophize properly

        or even bend, pick them up with hands that don't expect--

      all of us defenseless and unspent, loved yet not cut out for murder,

        know we will be adjudged in the place of ruins, know

      in the frame of a door you or I could've stood as one of the clarities,

        but the mouth of it appeared and no word broke past it.