Poetry Issue 5

   Issue#5: July - December 2005

Alex Gregorio

A Pornography in English

      Let’s go fucking in English
      until we exhaust it
      like Spanish or gibberish.

      Let’s splay our legs and pump
      its moistly hairy goodness
      until feverish like roses
      we learn to say oh boy
      oh man oh geez.

      Let’s slurp the juice in English
      which is what we really need
      to squeeze

      We want deliciously the thick threads
      that fray in the hides
      of its many fetishists.

      Let’s handcuff and lace
      what we find in it missing and saying
      too dumbly let’s push it
      like groans let’s do it.

      Orgasm’s an end of it
      but how do we stop the rushing
      and supple delicious in its sound
      like Ahhhs and Grrrs.

      Let’s scratch the tattoos
      of what it’s surely not
      until it bleeds and delirious
      let’s pleasure some more

      Talking dirty quiets all apes
      we’ll pinch its meat we’ll eat its nits
      we’ll suck its holes

      Let’s go let’s go